Referral Commission Agreement

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Anyone that is 18 Years and older or a minor with parent/guardian consent can refer other students and earn CA$H. You must first register as a student and complete at least three sessions yourself to be eligible. Each session must be worth $15/hr or more.

How will I get paid? Simple and Efficient.

Register on the referral program registration page after completing your three eligible sessions. Send your assigned unique affiliate link that can be found in your dashboard to your referrals. Instruct them to use it to register. When they register from your link, the email address that they use to sign up will be connected to your account as a referral. 

Referral Structure.

Every session that your referred student completes that does not result in a refund, your commission will be deposited into your payment account. This arrangement has no end date and endures as long as the referral continues to use our services. The effort you put in will determine how much you earn, so if you are motivated, your income potential can be greatly compounded by how many referrals you make. For your confirmed referral accounts, you will make 7% from all of their completed sessions.

Important Notices:

To get paid, you must create and setup your payment account immediately after registration.

Two referrers cannot refer and sign up the same student. Because of this, referrals are processed on a first come first serve basis. So take action quickly!

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