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  • English
Currently enrolled in Engineering course(first year). Been trained for J.E.E.(Joint Entrance Examination) which already covered first year of engineering degree syllabus(in much more detail). Really keen of teaching; especially the subjects English, Science and Mathematics. Personally, believes in understanding concepts rather than just memorizing them, and sure about my method of teaching that it will make every child understand the topic irrespective of their capability to grasp concepts as I will try to make it as easy to understand as possible. Wish to make children very comfortable in the class so that they can ask any doubt and as many times they want. Totally encourage any kind of doubts, and try to teach in some interesting way which small minds are able to comprehend, which would generally includes visualization, proofs, real life examples, and telling the children the strategies I would myslef use to grasp a difficult topic(being a student).
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Chemistry General Chemistry Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics General Physics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Biology General biology Grade 10/UK 11 $25/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Bachelors in Engineering

University of Manitoba

Bachelors of Engineering- first year Hisg school diploma- 90% score Matric- 95% score. English Olympiad- gold medal. Visual arts competetions- Several medals.

Tutoring Experience

Home tutoring

1.5 year

I used to do home tutoring for few children on a small level at my own house.

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John Doe
John Doe@username
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