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I am a student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (minoring in computer science and ergonomics) at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. I am also interested in studying atmospheric and space sciences. My preferred subjects of teaching are Mathematics and Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). I believe that I am strong in these subjects and can teach them comfortably. As a student, I have faced many challenges during my studies and have had great mentors who helped me clear my doubts. So, I believe it is my responsibility to help other students in the subjects they are facing problems with. I have experience teaching my juniors as well. When I was in my school, there was an opportunity where senior students were selected to teach the juniors their preferred subjects for almost 6 months. I was part of it and it was an amazing experience. I taught but also learned at the same time as teachers used to provide feedback to us.
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Chemistry Physical Chemistry College Year 1 $18/hr
Physics General Physics College Year 1 $18/hr
Biology Anatomy College Year 1 $18/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics College Year 1 $18/hr
Mathematics Statistics College Year 1 $18/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

1. High school (marks) – 90% [PCMB] 2. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – Current GPA 3.965 3. I wrote my first research article with the help of my mentor on Pandemic Threat to Global Health: A Review-Based Article. It got published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research. 4. I was an intern at a firm (startup) named ‘Aricap Advisory Services’ where I used to do administrative work and organize online events.

Tutoring Experience

Peer Tutor

1.5 years

I am a peer tutor at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton. It has been almost a year now. In high school, I volunteered with an NGO to teach underprivileged children. I was also a peer mentor at my high school, where I used to help my juniors in the subjects they were having problems with.



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