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I am an experienced and qualified Chemistry teacher with a huge passion for teaching. Within both my teaching and private experiences I have developed fun, methodical and tactful teaching approaches that help students ace any examination question thrown at them. My core philosophy in teaching that every aspect of my lessons must be centred around my students’ needs and abilities. I deliver exceptional results each time (give more detail). I am confident that my personalised and student-tailored approach will not only result in each student obtaining high grades, but more importantly, they will acquire in-depth insights and knowledge of the subject that make it relevant to current local and global affairs. Within my session I apply – 1.Easy learning method for complex topics. 2. Approachable attitude towards a better learning environment. 3. Tricks to learn things
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Chemistry General Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Kinetics University Year 1 $20/hr
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Environmental Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Solid State Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Chemistry Physical Chemistry University Year 4 $20/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Masters in chemistry

Lovely professional university

Bachelor’s degree in life sciences Master’s degree in Chemistry

Tutoring Experience

Expert chemistry tutor

4 years

3 year private tutoring experience in Chemistry subject matter expert. 1year experience of Corporate company as an academic specialist at Byjus -India’s first learning app.



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John Doe
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