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Am an Industrial Pharmacist by profession, and thus have in-depth knowledge of Chemistry and Biology. I have been engaged in tutoring since my teenage as my mother is a tutor. The force that drives me is the eagerness of the students to learn and their inquisitiveness. I, by nature, am very patient and calm and believe these as the main aspects a tutor must have.
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Biology Anatomy College Year 4 $30/hr
Biology Biotechnology College Year 4 $30/hr
Biology Cell biology College Year 4 $30/hr
Biology Genetics College Year 4 $30/hr
Biology Human biology College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry Biochemistry College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry General Chemistry College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry College Year 4 $30/hr
Chemistry Organic Chemistry Grade 10/UK 11 $30/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Masters in Pharmacy

Gujarat Technological University

I have always topped the classes in schools and universities. I have achieved lot of awards as a student and the same is in my professional journey as well.

Tutoring Experience

Biology and Chemistry tutor

12 years

I have been tutoring since my teenage. Now I have twelve years of expertise in this field. I have broad experience teaching Biology and Chemistry to students from school to university, and also teaching Physics and Mathematics to school students.



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