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Hi! My name is Marium, and I am a Software Engineering student with a passion for bringing people of different backgrounds into STEM fields. I have a strong track record of tutoring kids of all ages, from 7th grade to Grade 12. I am skilled at taking kids who are struggling and helping them achieve grades of 90 or above. I am known for my lively attitude and my ability to engage and motivate kids, even those with ADHD or other learning challenges. If you are looking for a tutor who can help your child succeed academically and build confidence in their abilities, I would be an excellent choice. I use scientific-based methods such as active recall and practice testing, and can even help them to shape their routines to better excel in their subjects.
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Mathematics Algebraic Geometry Grade 7/UK 8 $19/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 11/UK 12 $23/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 10/UK 11 $20/hr
Mathematics Linear Algebra Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Mathematics Calculus Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 9/UK 10 $20/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


B.Eng in Software Engineering

Toronto Metropolitan University (previously known as Ryerson)

-Upholding a 3.9 GPA throughout my program -Honour Roll from Grade 11 to Grade 12 -Passionate about Coding and bringing more women of colour into SYEM

Tutoring Experience

Math and Physics Tutor

About 8 years in January

-Over 1.5 years of experience tutoring online, 7 years in person through different community centers and kids around the neighbourhood -Tutored more than 60 students of all different backgrounds and needs in the past year and a half -Successfully helped students improve their grades significantly, including bringing a student who was failing Grade 7 Math to getting 100s in all their tests in Grade 8 in just 4 months, -Have brought a student who was getting a 40% in Advanced Functions in Grade 12 to excel in both and earn a final grade of 86% in Calculus -Skilled at working with students of all different learning styles and needs, including those with ADHD and other challenges -Utilizes scientific-based methods like active recall and practice testing to help students learn effectively -Can assist students in shaping their routines to better excel in their subjects and improve their overall academic performance -Dedicated to helping students succeed academically and build confidence in their abilities



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