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Hi! My name is Melissa Temkov and I have a BSc. in Chemistry (forensic DNA analysis concentration, to be more specific), and a MSc. in Biomedical Engineering. I have always had a passion for education; in my undergraduate degree, I was recruited to be a tutor based on how I would help other students in study rooms. If someone doesn’t understand one method of explanation, I will work with the student to find a way that clicks!
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Biology Cell biology College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Biology General biology College Year 4 $15.5/hr
Biology Genetics College Year 4 $16.5/hr
Biology Molecular biology College Year 4 $18/hr
Biology Microbiology College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Biology Biophysics College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Biology Bioinformatics College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry Analytical Chemistry College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry Biochemistry College Year 4 $18/hr
Chemistry Chemistry History College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry Electrochemistry College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry General Chemistry College Year 4 $16.5/hr
Chemistry Environmental Chemistry College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry College Year 3 $16.5/hr
Chemistry Organic Chemistry College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Chemistry Spectroscopy College Year 4 $18/hr
Chemistry Polymer Chemistry College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Physics Optics/Light Physics College Year 3 $15.5/hr
Physics Chemical Physics College Year 3 $15.5/hr
Physics General Physics College Year 4 $18/hr
Physics Laser Physics College Year 2 $15.5/hr
Physics Relativity College Year 1 $15.5/hr
Physics String Theory College Year 1 $15.5/hr
Physics Acoustics College Year 1 $15.5/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Master in Biomedical Engineering

McMaster University

McMaster University Degree: Master of Science Major: Biomedical Engineering Towson University, Towson Degree: Bachelor of Science Major: Chemistry | Concentration: Forensic DNA Analysis Minors: MB3 (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry & Bioinformatics) & Chemistry Honors: Dean’s List; EAGL Conference Academic Team; NACGC Scholastic All-American; Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, WCGA National Honors

Tutoring Experience

Expert Sciences Tutor

6 years

McMaster University Teaching Assistant Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Instrumentation Towson University Teaching Assistant Genetics Biochemistry 1 Towson University Tutor Biochemistry 1 & 2 Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 Forensic Chemistry 1, 2, 3 Molecular Biology General Biology General Chemistry General Physics



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