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I have a master’s degree in physics with a specialization in theoretical physics, and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in education at Thompson Rivers University in Canada. Since high school, I’ve been tutoring physics. I’ve tutored over 5000 sessions all over the world. I prepared many students for the Cambridge Natural Science Entrance Examinations, and many of them were accepted and are currently studying there. In addition to Cambridge, I tutored SAT-Physics, where the vast majority of my students received 100% in physics. I know that Physics is the most fascinating subject because we experience physical phenomena within ourselves and in our surroundings. Every student is unique and prefers a different approach to learning; a teacher must keep this in mind during the lessons. As a Physics Tutor, I wholeheartedly agree with MIT professor Walter Lewin’s statement: “Teachers who make physics boring are criminals.” It will be my pleasure and honor if you decide to try my teaching method. I have over 8 years experience in AP Physics 1,2 & C, College Physics/Math, GCSE, IB Physics/ Math
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Physics Electromagnetism Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics Fluid Dynamics/Fluid Mechanics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics General Physics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics Mechanics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics Optics/Light Physics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Physics Thermodynamics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Mathematics Calculus Grade 10/UK 11 $25/hr
Mathematics Mathematical Physics Grade 12/UK 13 $25/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Master in Physics

Thompson Rivers University

1. B.Sc (HONS) in Physics 2. M.Sc in Physics 3. Bachelor of Education. 4. GCES 5. Master of Education. 6. Over 100k YouTube Subscribers.

Tutoring Experience

Expert Physics Tutor

9 Years

IB/IGCSE/AP/A-LEVEL/O-LEVEL Physics Tutor @ 2022-Present Senior Physics Tutor @ 2020-2022 HOD-Physics @ Global Education Center, Doha, Qatar IB/IGCSE/CBSESAT-2, Physics Tutor Senior Physics Teacher @ 2015-2018 Physics Tutor @, US 2013-2015



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