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Very passionate and dedicated tutor with 1 year of experience in virtual tutoring from elementary to high school students. Subjects of expertise include Math and Science. Help in assisting students, identifying individual gap areas and improving overall student performance.
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)
Mathematics Algebra Grade 11/UK 12 $25/hr
Mathematics Differential Equations Grade 11/UK 12 $25/hr
Mathematics Calculus Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Mathematics Algebraic Geometry Grade 9/UK 10 $30/hr
Mathematics General Mathematics Grade 7/UK 8 $25/hr
Mathematics Geometry Grade 8/UK 9 $30/hr
Mathematics Probability Grade 9/UK 10 $25/hr
Mathematics Numerical Analysis Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Mathematics Statistics Grade 9/UK 10 $30/hr
Mathematics Trigonometry Grade 9/UK 10 $30/hr
Biology Botany Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Biology Cell biology Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Biology Human biology Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Biology Zoology Grade 9/UK 10 $30/hr
Chemistry Biochemistry Grade 11/UK 12 $30/hr
Physics Fluid Dynamics/Fluid Mechanics College Year 1 $40/hr
Physics General Physics Grade 8/UK 9 $25/hr
Physics Electromagnetism College Year 1 $30/hr
Physics Mechanics College Year 2 $40/hr
Subjects Fields of Study Grade Price ($/hr.)


Masters in Engineering

APJ Abdul Kalam University

Masters degree in Structural Engineering Bachelors in Civil Engineering Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) as major in high school

Tutoring Experience

Mathematics and Science tutor

1 year

Virtual tutoring of 1 year. Proficient in Zoom and Microsoft



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