Welcome to fastgrades.


Have you ever wondered what a true online tutoring service looks like and has to offer?

Welcome to fastgrades.

With this user guide we will show you how easy it is for students to connect with tutors and use our quick 1 hour online sessions to get help fast for that upcoming exam, hard to understand topic or difficult assignments.

As students, you can search for specific tutors based on your needs and submit direct private requests to them.

You can also choose to put a public request out there and review and accept the best proposal from prospective tutors.

After a match is made and terms are agreed upon, we will show you how our efficient process and platform of scheduling, booking, payment and joining sessions, all done online, is now here and ready for you.

The demonstrations above assume that both student and tutor have registered. This will enable you to complete requests, process payments, and attend your online sessions.

In addition to registering and completing their profile, tutors are required to create a payment account with our payment processing partner to start getting paid.

Important Notice and Consideration: We partner with Stripe for all secure payments and financial services. Your financial details collected during tutor payment account creation and credit card payments if you are a student paying for a session are all stored, processed and secured by Stirpe and their financial services, policies and protection agreements.

Once a tutor profile and payment account is created, tutors are ready to receive, process and submit responses to students requests.

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