Why Fastgrades Online Tutoring?

Are you struggling in a particular subject or to catch up in school? If so, you probably know how
difficult it can be to get ahead in achieving your academic goals and overcome the negative impact on
your grades.

Traditional tutoring  require you to travel to their physical location for tutoring and you often need to sign up for long term expensive commitments. As a result, deserving students are left feeling vulnerable and anxious about catching up, realizing and optimizing their academic potential and success.

Introducing Fastgrades on line tutoring platform. We offer the most dynamic one hour live 1-1 sessions to put your learning control and success at your fingertips. This dedicated tutoring solution can be specifically tailored to your educational gaps and target only the areas you need help with.

So, what sets our solution platform apart?

  1. Our online tutoring platform is designed to complement students with the fact that they know the topic. They are just striving to immediately fill the gap of a hard to understand concept, help with a difficult assignment or preparation for an upcoming test. 
  2. Students are in complete control of selecting from our extensive nationwide list of excellent affordable tutors that they have determined will fulfill their needs for the right price, experience and expertise. 
  3. Students do not need to make Long-term commitments or use recorded tutoring videos. All of our live online one-on-one sessions are 1 hour long and enable quick and accurate knowledge transfer.
  4. The student is not restricted or limited. The student can take as many sessions necessary from the same or a different tutor until their tutoring needs are completely satisfied.
  5. Students and tutors with disabilities participating in the learning experience have easy access to our online tutoring platform features that are designed to alleviate certain accessibility constraints found in traditional teaching methods and environments.
  6. No longer does a student or tutor have to waste additional time and money mitigating risks and issues related to travelling to each other’s home or a physical location to enable effective tutoring. 
  7. The student and tutor are doing the online sessions in their home or preferred controlled environment; therefore the safety of the learning experience is greatly enhanced and strengthened.
  8. The student’s improvement and progress can be efficiently and effectively measured and planned based on successful session completion and an immediate follow up online satisfaction review.


Join the many students who have found a dependable and hassle-free online tutoring solution. Here is how to get started:

  1. Click on REGISTER and register as a student.
  2. Complete your profile. 
  3. You are done! 

Start creating requests and tutors will respond to them for your live 1-1 online session.

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